Friday, September 14, 2012

Prayers and support for Noah

It's interesting that the last post I made on my blog was celebrating Noah's 12th birthday.  I have started so many posts with pictures from the summer that I just haven't finished....but this way you can read all about what an amazing kid my oldest son is and how much he is loved.

Noah has been struggling with anger, fits of rage, and even off and on thoughts of suicide.  He's been receiving help and has connected with an amazing therapist.  But, last night, he was transported via ambulance to the hospital because of suicidal thoughts and actions.  The doctors felt the best course of action was the admit him inpatient to a different hospital.  So at 11:00 pm he was transported again, via ambulance, to a different hospital.  We got him checked in and settled.  But this time is incredibly different from any other hospitalization any of my other kids have had.  This time I didn't get to bring him in myself.  This time they didn't bring a cot in for me to sleep on.  This time I had to turn and leave, listening to him cry and not want me to leave.  This time, they locked a door behind me when I left.  This time, I only have certain hours I can talk to him or see him.  This time, I'm not the one he can turn to for comfort.

I know this is the best place for him to be.  He's safe.  He's around people who can help him.  And I am praying nonstop for him.  Will you please join me?



Praying and sending love and (((hugs))).


I will be praying for Noah and your family.


So sorry to hear this...praying praying praying for Noah, and for all of you...


I am praying for you and your family to get through this tough situation Noah is getting the best treatment and i am sending a extra prayer for him to find peace


I am so sorry for Noah's struggles. But thank God he is in a place where he is receiving help and he is safe. Will be praying for his peace and healing of his emotional turmoil. Will be praying for strength and peace for you.