Thursday, August 25, 2011

God never said life would be easy...

This is the most difficult blog post I've written -- mostly because it makes me vulnerable -- but I promised myself when I started blogging that I would be honest with my posts.

It's no secret that Jeff and I have had many ups and downs in our marriage -- specifically in the last few years. From this post everyone knows how seriously I take my marriage vows -- the ones I wrote -- and how committed I am to making my marriage work. There also need to be boundaries and 1 person can only take so much. That's what this post is all about.

Jeff and I are separating. The kids and I are moving in a little over a week to a house a couple miles away that we'll be renting. The kids will be going to a new school and are excited about our adventure. When I talked to them about it, Abby asked "Mom, did you pray about this first?" I said "Absolutely, yes" to which she responded, "ok - then we're doing the right thing." They are wise beyond their years.

We have lost our home in foreclosure - something I've fought with everything I have to avoid. Jeff will have time to stay in our current house before he'll need to find another place.

I would appreciate all the prayers I can get during this time -- especially for the kids -- that they will always know how much they are loved and cherished: by me and, most importantly, by God.