Saturday, June 27, 2009

Playing at the park

Noah LOVES riding his bike that Gramma found at a garage sale! Awesome find, Gramma!

But this bike has hand brakes which use arm muscles he's not used to using. So we hear "Ow, my arms hurts!!!"...until he's ready to have fun.

Joey now gets to ride Noah's old bike. It's a "Fear Factor" bike. Oooooooooh. Aaaaaaaaaah.
I hate profile pics.....oh well.
Abby, of course, ran into a friend from school at the park. They were playing "chicken" on the monkey bars!
Jeff played tag with the kids on the playground equipment....our kids and some other kids that were there. Here the kids are waiting for Jeff to come since he was "it"! You should have seen them scatter when he snuck up on them! Priceless!
More tag.
Watch out, Jeff! Noah's "it"!!!
"Gotcha!" Jeff is "it" AGAIN!

A very fun evening at the park was had by ALL! Now here's to a great night of sleep for EVERYONE!!!

Boys will be boys

As you can see, Eli would NOT part with the hat Noah made at VBS before naptime yesterday. And he would ONLY wear the hat backwards! hahahahaha I figured I would "pick my battles" and let him sleep with the hat on and a matchbox car in the crib. Such a boy!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Poor Eli got quite an owie while running with his siblings! He ran right into a table! But he's still in very good spirits despite how painful it looks. I'm sure it's the first of many!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Community Center FUN!

We were blessed to play at the indoor playground at the Community Center today when the heat index was 105 outside!!! My mom generously bought our family a 3 month membership for the summer so we can utilize the play area, gym, workout facility, and swimming pool. THANK YOU, MOM!!!! Here are some pictures documenting some of the fun we had with the kids.

Eli ran and ran and ran around the play area. He and another little 2 year old named Anders were playing their own version of "tag". Who are those "caged" children?!?!

Catching Up -- Kindergarten graduation for Joey!!!

Joey looked so grown up!!! I'm not really ready for him to start 1st grade. (sigh)

Joey and his teacher, Jamie Havig. She was such a fantastic teacher. He absolutely loved her and she felt the same way about him. She cried and cried that last day of school....which made me cry too! Surprise, surprise.
Joey and Hannah (our neighbor and very good friend). These two have grown up together. Betsy (Hannah's mom) and I found out at the same time that we were pregnant. Then we found out our due dates were only a week apart. She ended up having Hannah 1 week early (on my due date) and I had Joey 2 days later. They have been fast friends and partners in crime ever since!

Joey and Eric....his new friend he met in kindergarten. And they found out they are in the same class next year!

Joey and bus driver, Jim!!! He is the bus driver every child and parent wants to have. The kids just adore him and he takes him job very seriously....but has a blast at the same time.

Catching Up -- Abby's dance performance

Right after Memorial Day, Abby's dance studio (Dance Moves) performed a ballet called "Candyland". Yes, it was based on the children's board game and the director of the dance studio wrote it. She is an amazingly talented woman! Abby performed in 2 of the songs this year....a ballet number and a tap number. She did awesome and loved every minute of it. She's our little performer. Hmmm.....wonder where she gets it??? hahahahaha

On Sunday before the performance, Jeff & I were able to spend some time one-on-one with Abby. We ended up going to Maplewood Mall for a short time to ride on the carousel. Although Abby chose to ride on a spinning tea-cup! It was a great day.

Catching Up -- Memorial Day

Soooo......our computer wouldn't sync with my camera for quite awhile so I'm FINALLY catching up with some pictures!!! These are from Memorial Day. We didn't do anything very exciting....just stayed home, grilled, and put the kids to work in the yard. hahahaha