Monday, August 25, 2008

A heavy heart

I am asking any of you who read my blog to please pray for some friends of ours, Dave & Lea. Their precious 4 month old baby, Johnny, passed into Jesus' arms late yesterday afternoon. I can't imagine the pain and loss they are experiencing right now. I don't understand everything that happened with Johnny but you can read all about it on their blog:

Please pray for this young family in the next days, weeks, months.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Noah's 8th Birthday

Noah turned 8 on July 19 so I'm a bit behind updating our blog. I can't believe my first born is already 8!!!!! Time goes so quickly. He wanted a "magic birthday party" this year so we hired a magician to come and do a show for the kids. It was a huge hit!!! He did a 30 minute magic show and then spent the next 30 minutes doing "balloon creations" for the kids. At the end, there was plenty of time for practicing light saber fighting!

My precious Noah, I can't believe 8 years have gone so quickly. You are becoming such a loving, caring, responsible young man and I am very proud of you. Keep up all your hard work and I will be there to encourage you the whole time. I love you. You are such a precious gift from God and I thank Him everyday for blessing me by allowing me to be your mom.