Saturday, February 27, 2010

Family night

Friday nights are our family nights....we watch movies, play games, go out to eat, go bowling, whatever our hearts (and budget) desire. Last night we all went bowling. We haven't been bowling as a family.....well, ever! The kids have gone to bowling birthday parties but we've never gone all 6 of us. And it was Eli's first time going REAL bowling.....wii bowling does NOT count!

The line-up of bowling balls for our family. Notice the bright pink one (for Abby), the orange one (for Joey) and the brighter green one (for Noah). Gotta get those favorite colors out there!

Abby did what her mom always used to do.....drop the ball onto the lane.
Quite the form, Joey!

Eli loved using the ramp. He tried going without it once....we didn't think the ball was going to make it to the other end! But Eli was quite the trooper. He had to do everything himself -- go figure! He would pick the ball up by himself, lift it onto the ramp by himself, and push it down the ramp by himself.

Good job, Noah!!!

The kids were very impressed by Daddy's bowling technique. But when they tried the "leg crossed behind" thing, they fell over.

Sometimes the wait between turns can get a bit you need to make your own fun! Turns out that playing chase around the bowling balls is great fun! Who knew?!?!

We ended the evening with a little bit of attitude but that's to be expected. Eli did NOT want anyone else using "his ball"!
We all ended the evening wanting to do this again. Lots of fun, MANY laughs, and all 4 kids did better than Mommy. Maybe I should use bumpers next time!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Kids amaze me with their imaginations. I mean, take a look at this:

Just looks like a bunch of cushions and pillows and.....well.....a mess, doesn't it?!?! But to my boys it is a super amazing spaceship with all the cool controls and weapons to protect themselves. See???
I have many different creations scattered around the house at the moment.....there are energy boosters made out of pillows and a big wheel, a shrinking ray that resembles a foam bat sticking out of a cloth bin, an invisible grow ray (just in case you shrink something you weren't supposed to), and many other things I haven't fully learned about yet. And, as a mom, when you see this.....
it completely warms your heart. Brothers working together to have fun. I don't even care about the "mess" they're making because it can all be put away but they are making memories that will last a lifetime.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The pity party is OVER!

Yes, it's true. I hate to admit it but the last couple weeks I have been throwing an exclusive, only-for-me-in-my-head pity party. See, Jeff started a new job a few weeks ago which we were all ecstatic about. However, that means he takes the only working vehicle we have and leaves me at home with nothing. I've been without wheels before and it really wasn't bad. But that was in the fall of the year when you could still go outside and not freeze.

I had grand ideas of bundling Eli up and taking him outside for walks everyday in the stroller. After all, he loves stroller rides. I found out quickly that, yes, he loves stroller rides but not when it's freezing cold outside! The last day I took him out he cried the last stretch of the way home because he was cold. I felt horrible!

So a few days ago I had a heart-to-heart conversation with myself. I know you're probably thinking "is that even possible?" Well, for me it is and it has been life changing. I realized that I need a schedule. I can't operate everyday on a "fly by the seat of my pants" whim. I wish I could.....but I can't. My mom is probably saying "finally, she's taking my advice!"

I also realized how much I need other people in my life. I need women to have coffee with, playdates at my house, Eli needs to play with other kids his own age. I can't do the everyday stuff on my own all the time. This week I have already had 2 playdates at my house and they were wonderful!!! If you ever want to come over and play, please let me know!!!

I know I've been away from my blog for awhile again but blogging is now part of my new you should be seeing much more from me on a regular basis. And the next "party" I have, will not be a pity party!!!!