Sunday, January 11, 2015

Eli's 8th birthday

How in the world are you already 8 years old?????  You are my baby!!!  I know it sounds so cliche and OLD to say "time has just flown by" but it's so very true.  Looking back, these past 8 years have gone so quickly.  Many times I wish to have those moments back but I don't want to lose out on our current/future moments by wishing I could change the past.

We had a fun little birthday party with my mom and dad today at the care center where my dad is until Wednesday.  He won't really remember the party but we'll have the pictures to show him so he can re-live it.

My precious Elijah Paul.....there are so many things I love about you:

  • your sensitive, caring spirit
  • the way you love Jesus and aren't afraid to tell people 
  • how you start counting down the time we can go back to Family Camp as we're pulling away from the camp!  
  • your sweet singing voice
  • your laugh....oh, how I love your laugh
  • the way you look up to your older brothers and sister
  • how you still love to cuddle with me
  • the way you take pride in your homework and learning
  • the way you love other people
I truly do thank God everyday for trusting me with you as my son.  I will enjoy watching you grow into a man who loves Jesus and other people.  I love you, buddy!

Enjoy some pictures from our day.....

Lunch after church at Green Mill

Sweet picture with Grandpa Fred

Now it's Grandma Theda's turn

It was a fun day celebrating Eli.