Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Eli and other things

Playing at the kitchen sink has become Eli's favorite thing to do when his siblings are out riding their bikes or playing with friends and I have things I have to do inside. Eli was occupied for over an hour while I was able to unload the dishwasher, load it up again, get dinner in the crockpot, clean out the refrigerator (yuck!), and clean up my kitchen counters a bit. I don't think I've ever been that productive with him as the only child at home! After all of that he was ready for a snack.
An update to my "SAHM" post.......I am not taking that job. As Jeff and I talked about it, the pros and cons, it became crystal clear (thank you, Lord!) that it wasn't the right fit for me...or our family. I feel very strongly about being at home with Eli and being available for our 3 other kids while they're at school. I was looking forward to volunteering in Noah, Abby, and Joey's classrooms this year.....and after getting a letter from Noah's teacher, I feel even STRONGER about that. His teacher will be going on maternity leave in Novemeber and Noah has a tough time with change. I want to be available during that time to do whatever I can to make it easier for him and being at work all day doesn't feel right.

Please understand that I am not judging anyone that works outside of their home. I just don't feel that it is right for my family at this time.

Thanks to everyone who has prayed and is still praying for us. We appreciate it more than you know and we need all we can get right now.
We also found out that Jeff and I both misread the letter that came from the unemployment office in June and that he was eligible for benefits! They have reactivated his case and he will begin receiving benefits shortly. So that was an incredible answer to prayer. We will have money coming in each week now and Jeff is still looking for work as well. God is good!!!!