Thursday, January 8, 2009

Catching up!!!

I have not been doing well posting pictures on this blog!!! I am sorry about that! My camera was missing for a couple weeks because Eli got ahold of it -- my little climber!! -- and hid it somewhere. We couldn't find it anywhere! One morning, it appeared, of all places, in the middle of the kitchen FLOOR! I laughed out loud all by myself in the kitchen. I still don't know where he had it hiding.

I'll start with the latest adventure for Noah, Abby, & Joey: ice skating lessons!!! For having never been on the ice before, they did great! First of all they were in the wrong class. Who knew that "beginning skating 1" wasn't the first class. But they stuck it out and were determined to stay on their feet. We found out that the very beginning class ("snowplow") was meeting 40 minutes after the class they were in finished. We asked the kids if they wanted to stay and go through another class or if they wanted to just start it next week. They had a unanimous "STAY!!!" Their determination was amazing.
The 1st picture is Abby, the 2nd is Noah, the 3rd is Joey, the 4th is Joey falling -- they ALL fell quite often but I only got a picture of Joey, and the 4th is all 3 of them. It was a fun morning.