Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 1 of our adventure

My parents, my kids, and I are on a special adventure this week out of town. Poor hubby is left to manage things on the homefront. We were so excited when we woke up this morning to see what our day had in store for us but we encountered a little hiccup in our plans. While we were swimming Joey started to complain about his stomach hurting. We left the pool quickly and headed back to where we are staying. As he got out of the van, he started throwing up. Poor guy had such horrible pains in his stomach and he was barely throwing anything up. I know, I know -- TMI!!! He rested a good part of the afternoon and right now you would never know he was feeling sick this morning.

Despite his not feeling well, we had some great adventures.

A sweet, sweet picture to wake up to this morning. I was able to sit back and watch them interact with Grandpa Fred while I drank my cup of coffee.

Abby making a big splash in the pool

Joey jumping in the pool -- great form!

Eli, my little swimmer

Abby and Grandpa Fred

Love love LOVE this picture of Noah and Joey

Eli and Grandma Theda

It was off to the lake!

Eli and his shadow in the water

All 4 kids are watching the minnows swim all around their feet....and trying to catch one with their bare hands.