Monday, January 4, 2010

Technology -- too much too fast???

Ok.....this probably won't be a "popular" view on the technology available to our kids but I am taking Jennifer's challenge on blogging boldly.

I posed a question on my Facebook page about why young kids (less than 13 years of age) have email accounts, Facebook pages, MySpace pages, etc etc. I got some interesting responses that helped me understand why kids have email accounts but nothing that really explained the Facebook/MySpace pages. But here are my thoughts on it......

Email: I understand now the use of email accounts when keeping in touch with family that lives out of town. However, I kept in touch very well with my out-of-town family using "snail mail". It helped me learn how to compose a letter, penmanship, spelling....not that you can't do the same thing in an email. I guess it's just not something I'll be doing with my kids --- no judgement for you that do. Just wanted to get that out there! :)

Facebook/MySpace pages: This I simply do not understand. Facebook has a policy that kids under at 13 cannot have their own page. And if parents allow their kids to have their own page, they have to lie about their age. What is this teaching our kids??? Why are parents so opposed to saying "NO" these days??? At least, that's what it seems like! Kids come home and say "but my friends have one" are we give in. There are age limits/guidelines for a reason!

Some will say that Facebook has some great games -- even educational games -- on it. So do plenty of other safe internet sites that are appropriate for kids that age.

Why are we (as a society) ok with letting our kids grow up so fast? Will we regret it in the next few years?

I guess Jeff and I feel ok about being labeled "mean parents" when it comes to this technology. Anyone else with us???? Any other thoughts???