Wednesday, April 15, 2015


Yes, I do realize Easter was a couple weeks ago but I finally have had the time today to sit down, load my pictures onto my computer, and really contemplate why we celebrate Easter. 

For our family, Easter isn't about candy or chocolate or ham or bunnies or brightly colored eggs....although we are finally coming to the end of the sugary treats that accompanied our celebration.  For us it's all about Jesus.  It's about His ultimate His life willingly for every human being to have a relationship with Him and gain access to heaven.  We took time on Friday, Good Friday, to get uncomfortable.  Uncomfortable thinking about the pain and suffering that a perfect Jesus willing endured, about the gruesome cross, about the finality of the grave.....and then celebrating the miraculous resurrection.  It was a beautiful hour that I set aside with my children and led to some great discussions over lunch.

We also add in a lot of fun coloring eggs, putting together Easter baskets at midnight because I may or may not have forgotten to do it earlier, then hiding said Easter baskets in places I wasn't sure I'd remember the next day because I was so tired, enjoying yummy food and time with family.

 Our Pinterest cupcake WIN
 Egg coloring

 Our finished product

 I love the vibrant colors of the egg coloring liquid
 From left to right: Joey (11), Abby (13), Grandpa Fred, me, Noah (14), Eli (8)
 Kids with Grandpa Fred and Grandma Theda
 Family Easter picture - how did these kids get so tall?!?!?!
 Crazy picture
 Abby could not stop laughing after the previous picture
 YES!  A sweet picture.  

I hope that however you celebrate Easter, you had a blessed weekend.  Happy (belated) Easter!