Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 years later - I'll never forget

 This is the view from the fire station by our house this morning.  Such an amazing reminder of what our country has gone through over the last 10 years but also of the incredible sacrifice our everyday heroes have made. 

Where were you when you heard about the attack?  I remember clearly where I was and what I was doing.  I was at home feeding my 9 day old little girl and watching my 1 year old little boy play with his toys right next to me.  You can imagine how emotional I was with my hormones being all messed up!  Tears and fears pretty much sums it up.  I remember calling my mom who was at work and seeing if she had heard about it.  I didn't want to continue watching the coverage but I couldn't take my eyes away from it.  I remember how our country came together and supported each other -- no matter what.  We rose above our political stances -- we were no longer Republicans and Democrats -- we were Americans.  How quickly we seem to forget. 

Today I honor and remember all of our fallen heroes and salute those who continue to defend and honor our country.  I will never forget!

"Where were you when the world stopped turning on that September day?  Were you in the yard with your wife and children or working on some stage in L.A.?  Did you stand there in shock at the sight of that black smoke rising up against that blue sky?  Did you shout out in anger, in fear of your neighbor, or did you just sit down and cry?  Did you weep for the children who lost their dear loved ones and pray for the ones who don't know?  Did you rejoice for the people who walked from the rubble and sob for the ones left below? Did you burst out in pride for the red, white and blue and the heroes who died doing what they do?  Did you look up to heaven for some kind of answer and look at yourself and what really matters?

I'm just a singer of simple songs, I'm not a real political man.  I watch CNN but I'm not sure I can tell you the difference in Iraq and Iran.  But I know Jesus and I talk to God and I remember this from when I was young:  faith, hope and love are some good things He gave us...but the greatest is love.

-"Where Were You" by Alan Jackson