Monday, November 9, 2009

Ketchup or Relish

In my son's 3rd grade class, they have something every Friday called "Ketchup or Relish". If they have kept current with all their assignments and have had good behavior, they go to one of the 3rd grade classrooms and have fun....which they call "relish". If they haven't kept up with their assignments, turned in papers late no matter what the reason, had less than ideal behavior, they stay in the "ketchup" classroom....not participating in the fun activities.

Since I have fallen SO behind on my blog, I have put myself in "ketchup". Although giving myself time to blog and share pictures is pretty much "relish" for me. Anyway, I'm sharing some pictures from the last couple months. Enjoy!

Halloween 2009

If you can't tell, this is Joey dressed up as a ninja -- I guess he's supposed to be Snake Eyes (?) from GI Joe. I just know that it was less than $9 for the costume!

Sweet little Eli as a puppy dog. Awwww!!!!

This is Noah as a Clone Trooper. Again, less than $9 for the costume!

Abby is a candy corn witch. Such an adorable costume that my mom got from a friend of hers at her garage sale! Yay for moms who shop garage sales!!!!

We went to our church for their annual Pumpkin Patch. They had everything and anything you could imagine for a Halloween alternative. Eli is playing one of the preschool games and had so much fun!
Abby playing some games.
Joey playing some of the games.
Outside they had a petting zoo set up. Here's Eli petting one of the goats. They also had bunnies, a donkey and a baby donkey, goats, chickens (I believe), and the highlight was a small camel! They also had a hayride which was pulled by horses, a glow room, cookies to decorate, crafts to do, a jumper to jump in, a maze to get lost in, trick or treating rooms in the basement for kids to get TONS of candy, and food set up in the activity center. Who wants to come with us next year???
Abby's 8th birthday party
Obviously, the girls wanted to do each other's hair and especially use the pink color spray! They did that while rockin' out to music and basking in the glow of a disco ball.

"Happy Birthday to you (cha cha cha), Happy Birthday to you (cha cha cha), Happy Birthday dear Abby (cha cha cha), Happy Birthday to you (cha cha cha, hi-ya, Scooby Doo on channel 2, more on channel 4, Frankenstein on channel 9, old lady on channel 80, Honey Hive on channel 5, Scooby Doo as a new hairdo, not too big, not too small, Scooby has a bowling ball.)" It's the absolute L.O.N.G.E.S.T. birthday song I've ever heard......and did I mention how LOUD it is too???

Did she get them all out???? YES she did! Yay, Abby!

A bunch of hip hop birthday celebrating girls.

Now a normal picture....well as normal as one can be with hair like that!

Hope you've enjoyed a little bit of my "ketchup post".