Saturday, September 27, 2008

Girls Day Out

Abby and I had a great mother/daughter day today. The entire day was pretty much a surprise. The only she knew is where we were going to eat lunch. I took her to get pedicures together --- her first one ever! The 1st picture was her expression when we walked into the salon. She was shocked! The ladies there did a great job with our toe nails too....very impressive.

Then we had lunch at Olive Garden. We both absolutely LOVE that place. I had to chance to ask her many questions about school and friends and she asked me questions about my days at home too.

Then off to Kids Hair for a hair cut. They surprised her by putting some color streaks in her, of course! She looked absolutely adorable. We went across the street to a pet store and fell in love with one of the puppies. Don't worry, Mom, we didn't buy it!!!! But we had lots of fun playing with him and holding him.

Dessert was next. Abby got some cotton candy ice cream with gummy bears on top and I had a frozen chocolate drink. We skipped and hopped back to the van, holding hands and laughing the whole way. A very very enjoyable day with my not-so-little girl.



Karlynn this post was so cute, sounds like you had a blast! I love reading blogs. I think your lil girl will look back on these special times and will feel so thankful to have such an awesome mom!
Heidi- from SB