Saturday, June 14, 2008

They grow up so fast!!!

It really hit me yesterday how fast everyone is growing up...especially Eli! He is my little climber and the "trick" he has perfected is partly shown in the first 2 pictures. He climbs up on the coffee table that's behind the couch and flips himself over the couch onto the cushions. He just laughs and laughs when he does it, slides off the couch just to climb up and do it again!
Then this morning he did NOT want to eat breakfast in his high chair. So I brought his cereal downstairs to the little table, thinking he would give it a try and want to be back in the highchair. Nope! He sat there very nicely and ate his cereal proud as can be.
With the other 3, I can't believe that in the fall I will have a 2nd grader, a 1st grader, and a kindergartener!!! Are they really old enough? I remember my mom & dad always saying how fast time goes but I never really understood that until now. Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying every stage with them but many times I wish I could freeze time and just enjoy this stage a little bit longer.
The statement that keeps going through my head is what my Aunt Pam said a long time ago -- "I worked at giving my children deep roots so I could give them wings later." Thank you, Auntie Pam! I think about that often!!! I pray I do as well with my kids as you did with yours.